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Phone the Bradbury clinic on 024627133302 4627 1333
75 Jacaranda Avenue

Mt Annan
Phone the Mt Annan clinic on 024627772202 4647 7722
Unit 17/2 - 4  Main St

Phone the Camden clinic on 024655766402 4655 7664
6 Ironbark Avenue

Gregory Hills
Phone the Gregory Hills clinic on 024648358802 4648 3588
2/13 Rodeo Road


Macarthur Veterinary Group - In the Community

Macarthur Veterinary Group has very strong links to our local community. The partners and the majority of staff all live within the borders of the Macarthur Region, in fact many grew up in the area. We see our team as our family and our clients and their pets as members of our extended family. We treat all pets in our care as if they were our own animals and take considerable pride in the service we offer all our clients.

In addition Macarthur Veterinary Group works closely with Campbelltown Council caring for injured strays and desexing animals sold through the Council Pound. Through our association with WIRES (the Wildlife Information and Rescue Service) and Sydney Wildlife Service we provide free care for sick and injured native birds and other native wildlife.

We demonstrate our commitment to the Macarthur community and its people by our ongoing support of local charities and organisations, primarily those relating to family, children and animals.

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