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Your family pet is in safe hands

Aleena Johnston

Aleena JohnstonAleena is our Nurse Liaison Officer and is responsible for ensuring the right staff is available at the right time at the right place, no easy feat in such a large practice. Prior to this Aleena was our Head Nurse at the Camden Clinic after joining MVG in 2003. Aleena has completed Certificates in Kennel & Cattery Operations, Animal Studies as well as Vet Nursing and can also turn her hand to grooming when the need arises.

Aleena is a life long learner and the support provided by MVG for ongoing education is of particular interest to her. She is always looking for ways to challenge herself and to further her knowledge. Aleena has a particular interest in Client Relations and Surgical Nursing.

Aleena attributes much of her professional success to the support provided to her by her husband Robert and children Jasmine and Cooper. The Johnston family live locally and share their home with “Bailey” the Labrador, two cats, “Megsie” and “Byron”, “Daisy” the Rabbit (all of whom were strays) and five chickens.

Brooke Meier

Brooke MeierBrooke joined MVG in 2011 after completing her Certificate II in Animal Studies the previous year during which she undertook work experience at our Mt. Annan clinic. Brooke works as a Veterinary Nurse at our Mt. Annan clinic and is completing her Cert IV in Vet Nursing.

Like many of our nurses, Brooke has a passion for animals and is motivated each time animals in her care return to their family, fit and well (with a bounce in their step and a waggy tail). She has a particular interest in emergency nursing and behaviour and plans to complete further training in these areas in the future.

Brooke lives at home with her mum, her Bull Mastiff x “Codie” and 2 moggies, “Mischa” & “Samson”. Brooke has been riding since 1996 and has her own Quarter Horse named “Bella” with whom she competes very successfully in various events around the area. Prior to joining Macarthur Veterinary Group, Brooke worked in a riding centre.

Chloe Ryan

Chloe RyanChloe joined us in 2012 as a volunteer at Mt Annan while completing her Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing at Yallah TAFE. Following graduation Chloe then joined us officially, in 2013.

Chloe first started exploring her passion for animals at the age of 16 with volunteer work on the weekends at the Illawarra RSPCA where she continued for 18months, only stopping to focus on her year 12 studies. During her HSC Chloe completed her animal studies certificate II via TVET. This allowed her to jump straight into vet nursing immediately after leaving school.

As well has working at Macarthur Veterinary Group, Chloe holds a casual job at Collegians Rugby League Football club, but more excitingly, volunteers at Symbio Wildlife Park where she works in the primate and carnivore sections, caring for little monkeys, red pandas, meerkats, dingos, and often helps out with native and farmyard animals.

Chloe currently lives in Thirroul with her partner Daniel. Together they own an extremely cute eastern long neck turtle called ‘Nelson’, and many of his fish friends. As well, Chloe and Daniel are the proud guardians of a newly adopted rainbow lorikeet who arrived as a stray at the clinic, he is extremely clever and they have named him Ridley. Chloe and Daniel both own childhood pets (which currently live with their respective parents). Chloe’s 12yr old Jack Russell cross is called ‘Rusty’ and her 12yr domestic short haired cat is called ‘Sassy’, both were adopted from the RSPCA. Daniel has a 3year old Kelpie cross Staffy called ‘Leo’, who hopefully will be joining their young family soon.

Chloe enjoys being part of the team at MVG where she is able to be herself and grow within her career.


Naomi Ferguson

Naomi FergusonNaomi joined Macarthur Veterinary Group in 2006 and currently works fulltime at our Mt. Annan clinic as a Veterinary Nurse. She completed her nursing training in 2009. Like so many of our nurses she entered the veterinary industry to make a contribution towards the wellbeing of animals and to encourage responsible pet ownership within the Macarthur community. Naomi is also one of our puppy pre-school teachers at Mt Annan.

Naomi’s special interests include osteoarthritis – particularly how the onset of this debilitating disease can be prevented and how those animals most at risk can lead long, active, healthy lives. Naomi is also interested in dental health, and believes educating clients on the impact of poor dental care and its impact on many aspects of their pet’s life is a very important part of her role.

When not working, Naomi and her husband, Rowan, spend a lot of time racing after two very active little boys, Joshua and Tyler. They share their home with their pet whippet "Mr Whippy".

Rebecca Matthews

Rebecca RyanRebecca joined Macarthur Veterinary Group in April, 2010 as a Veterinary Nurse. She comes to us with five years nursing experience and is fully qualified with her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing, (2006). Rebecca is particularly interested in critical care, emergency and surgical nursing and has recently completed specialist training in these areas. In 2010 Rebecca was promoted to Head Nurse at our Camden clinic.

Like many of our staff, Rebecca’s “family” contains a number of dogs “Scruffie” and “Monty” as well as the “boss” – “Cooper” the cat who rules the house with an iron paw and is very spoilt as a result.

Tammy Norman

Tammy NormanTammy grew up in Young and spent many of her school holidays helping out at her grandparent’s Cherry Orchard.

Tammy’s early career was in tourism and event planning, both in her home town and later for Qantas following her move to Sydney in 2008. Tammy joined Macarthur Veterinary Group in 2010 because we offered great support for her training and the practice is closer to her hometown.  Since joining us, Tammy has completed her Certificate II in Animal Studies and is currently undertaking her Certifice IV in Veterinary Nursing.

Like many of our nurses, Tammy is passionate about animals and loves to watch her patients progress and return home. Tammy believes very strongly that part of her job is to ensure every pet receives the same love and care while they are with us that they receive at home, she likes to “make them feel the best they can in hospital and to keep their spirits up”.  Tammy currently shares her home with Daisy a Jack Russell Terrier she adopted from the local dog pound.

Kate Parkes

I've lived in the Bradbury area my whole life and I've been vet nursing around the Macarthur and Liverpool areas since 2004.  I enjoy all aspects of nursing and particularly enjoy emergency, critical care and exotics (birds and pocket pets, such as mice, guinea pigs) nursing.

I have three cats, Fluffy, Squirt and Girlie; two dogs, Max a Jack Russell Terrier, and Cooper, a Kelpie x and two Eclectus Parrots: Leeroy (aka Green Chicken) and Frankie (aka Demon Bird).

My hobbies are horse riding, fishing and riding my dirt bike.

Crystal Cash

Crystal BourkeCrystal, like many of our Nurses came to us for work experience, unlike others she came with 6 years experience in the hospitality industry (after six years in hospitality Crystal’s desire to work with animals could no longer be ignored).

Crystal’s potential was quickly spotted by Management and she joined us as a student nurse later in 2009. Crystal is now fully qualified, having completed her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in 2010.  She also holds a Cert IV in Training and Assessment. Crystal is one of our inventory officers, and as well as working predominately in our Gregory Hills clinic, she also teaches Animal Studies at TAFE.  Crystal loves all aspects of her career and especially loves to see the results of her care as animals return happy and healthy to their owners.

Crystal has two children, “Georgia” and “Boadie” together with her furbabies Punkin and Mack. 

Renee Gard

ReneeRenee is the Head Nurse at our Mt Annan Clinic. She has worked for MVG since 2006, initially at Bradbury before moving to Mt. Annan in 2009. Like all our experienced nurses, Renee has completed her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. Renee is also one of our most experienced puppy pre-school teachers and runs our Mt Annan classes.

Renee’s career has always been focused on the care of animals since completing work experience at Mt. Annan while in Year 12. Her love of animals developed while growing up on a farm and helping her grandfather care for his racing greyhounds – which included regular visits to the local veterinarian.

Renee has considerable experience in all facets of veterinary nursing but is particularly passionate about looking after animals while they are in hospital, nursing them back to health and being reunited with their owners. Renee also enjoys educating new pet owners about all aspects of responsible pet ownership.

Renee and her partner Brian share their home with five cats (“Cooper” a beautiful Ragdoll - pictured, "Abby" a gorgous Himalayin and three moggies, “Abbie, Bailey and Toby”); 2 dogs – “Bandit” the whippet and “Ky” the border collie.

Renee is an avid photographer and many of her photos grace the pages of our website. She operates her own photography business in her spare time, specializing in newborn, family portraits and wedding photographs (and animals of course!). Renee is also busy planning her October 2014 wedding!)

Serina Fleming

Serina is due to complete her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in November, 2015.  She joined Macarthur Vet Group in January 2015 to fulfil a life-long dream to work in an area of her passion: veterinary nursing. Serina shares her home with Bailey, her elderly Poodle; Christoph, a young cat she adopted from MVG, Mt. Annan and four boys Caleb, Brody, Noah and Jordan.  Serina loves the mental stimulation vet nursing offers and feels a part of the extended MVG family.

Kimberley Hartman

Kimberley HartmanAfter completing her Certificate II in Animal Studies, Kimberley joined our TAFE work experience program in August 2013 while studying her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing at Bankstown TAFE.  In February 2014 an employment opportunity arose and Kimberley joined the Macarthur Veterinary Group team.

Kimberley was drawn to vet nursing because of her life long love of animals. She grew up on acreage with lots of race horses, which she helped her dad train and feed.  She would attend race meetings as his 'strapper' and help get the horses ready to race.

Realising that her love of animals extended well beyond horses, Kimberley felt that vet nursing would be a perfect way to work with all animals and to make a positive difference in the lives of both pets and their families.  Kimberley’s ultimate goal is to further her education in animal behaviour.

Kimberley and her partner Rhys share their Campbelltown home with 5 ferrets- (Summer, Zeke, Oliver, Winter and Sheldon), two beautiful Siberian Huskies, mischievous “Mishka”, and mummy's boy “Esky”, who Kimberley describes as “ the light of my life”.

Kendell Hunt

Kendell joined MVG in November 2015 after receiving glowing recommendations while undertaking work experience at our Mt. Annan clinic as part of her Cert IV in Vet Nursing.  Kendell has been passionate about all things animal since volunteering at Greyhound Rescue some years ago.  She loves working with, caring for and helping animals (she also has qualifications in Dog Behaviour).  Kendell also enjoys helping to educate people about caring for their pets.  She loves the daily challenge of vet nursing, where every day is different.

 Kendell currently lives at home with her family and four “fur babies”.  As you would imagine, Kendell has two Greyhound rescues, Nala and Rhett; a Whippet called Willow and a Maltese cross named Pixie who joined the family after being abandoned at MVG, Mt. Annan.

Renee Burke

Renee joined Macarthur Vet Group in September 2015 as an Experienced Vet Nurse.

Renee lives with her husband Damien and son, Jacob in the local area.   They share their home with a rescued stray domestic short haired cat, Violet, a Cocker Spaniel x, Bailey; a Chihuahua x Foxie, Suzy who was rescued as a stray pup after being found in the middle of the road at Bankstown, and a Jack Russell Terrier, Buddy who was also rescued as a young dog after suffering terrible abuse.

Renee has been a vet nurse since 2009 and completed her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in 2010.  She describes how long she has wanted to be a vet nurse …

“I always wanted to be a vet nurse. I remember talking to a vet when my dog was getting her vaccinations, I was 5 years old, and I told the vet that I wanted to be a vet nurse.  He asked me why I didn’t want to be a vet. I replied "because I don't want to put my finger up dog’s bums!" He laughed and said nurses have to do that too. I didn't believe him! (I should haveJ!)  I still love my job … dog’s bums and all!