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Corrine Stark & Abby, 11/12/12

Dear Bec and the wonderful team at Macarthur Veterinary Group - Camden!

Thank you sooo very much for looking after our baby Abbey Girl last week! You guys were amazing with identifying that our girl had something more serious wrong with her!  To think that I brought her in because she was limping on one leg, to advising me that you recommended she have scans on her brain as she was showing possible signs of a tumour! You were also worried about her stiff neck!

Our girl was not even 8 years old, and she was absolutely everything to my Fiancé and I! She was the one who made us a family!

You all looked after her twice last week and put me into the right hands of one of the best animal hospitals located in Homebush to seek further help. We were lucky enough to even have the support of one of your beautiful vet nurses, Bec, with us on Abby’s consultation to the ARH.

I’m sad to say that we had to say goodbye to our Beautiful Girl last Friday night, as you were right! They found a 5cm tumour in her lower neck, which was deep down below her muscle, which had already affected her spine! That is why her left side was giving way whilst she was walking! This was picked up by the spinal tap. There was no way we would have picked up on it without undergoing the tests. Unfortunately there was no operation which would have fixed our girl, allowing her to live longer then another 2 months!

Although it was one of the hardest things we have ever done so far, we did not have to watch our girl suffer from too much pain… as the pain was just staring for her!

So again, thank you so very much for all of your support throughout last week. You guys definitely know what you’re doing, and care for our animals just as much as we do! XOXO" - with Trent Martin and Rebecca Matthews.