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Deborah Littlewood & Casper (31/01/14)

Hi there,  I just wanted to let you know of the service we received at Bradbury vets on Friday, 31st January, 2014.  Our 16 year old dog, Casper has been having fits and we needed advice as to whether we should put him to sleep or if there was anything we could do for him.

We saw Dr. Karen Spencer at this appointment and just wanted to let you know how amazing she was.  She explained everything to us very clearly and was extremely compassionate towards our family.  Our 8 year old daughter in particular was understandably very upset and Karen was able to explain things to her and get her to an understanding of what might happen if we have to take Casper back again. 

We were extremely impressed with Karen’s knowledge and skills as a vet, but more importantly her understanding and loving nature towards us all.

Most times you only hear the negative, so we wanted to let you know something extremely positive.  When we have to bring Casper back, we will definitely hope Karen is there to assist us.  Please pass this feedback on to Karen.

Kind regards,

Deborah Littlewood