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McWilliam Family & Miss Freda (10/1/13)

We wish to extend a very heart felt thank you to Cathy Irwin and the front office team at Bradbury who were wonderful support during the passing of our most beloved little dog, Miss Freda. She was a Chihuahua who we had since we bought her from the pound at 8 weeks of age. Freda had a very big life for such a little dog, she had many trips away including rides in the car, trains and a few trips on the Manly ferry of course.

I was often stopped (on the street) with comments like "oh look at the cute little doggy". She had her own travel bag and was seen a number of times walking through Manly wearing a Mexican sombrero hat (lol). Freda was 16 years old when we had to make the choice to put her to sleep due to illness. Many times Freda visited your clinic for a nail trim, as recent as just over a week ago.

Freda had a very special bond with her mum, Skye. For some reason Skye could make Freda talk, she would ask Freda, "Do you love me?". Freda would talk back to Skye making “speaking” noises, it was so, so funny to listen to. The house is so quite without her.

Our "little person in a fur coat" has left us but she will live on in our hearts for ever ..