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Rick Bonnick & Duke 7/9/12

Dear Cathy:

Thank you for the lovely gift of life that you and your wonderful Staff have given my precious 15 year old dog “Duke”.
Your gift brightened my life, and it continues to brighten my hope that your professional attitude and caring will enable him to live out the rest of his days with happiness and comfort.

The terrible “Cushings disease” that he had contracted within a very short time was devastating in its aggressiveness and without your immediate action would have resulted in the tragic loss of my beloved little fella.
We, the loving parents of these wonderful creatures, should never assume that age becomes a death sentence until we visit Vets with the highest credentials such as Macarthur Vet Group.

I must also congratulate you on your policy of employing young dedicated Staff, so they can realize their aims of becoming the best they can be.

Compassion within your industry is rare, but fortunately for Duke, it is a prime requisite in your approach to a successful solution for both pet and owner.

I cannot thank you enough, and have no hesitation in recommending your services to everyone who has a sick pet.

Your thoughtfulness means so much to me.
Rick Bonnick

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