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Dental X-Ray

Digital Dental x-rays now available at all Macarthur vet clinics

We are very pleased to announce the addition of digital dental x-rays to our state-of-the-art radiography equipment at each clinic.

Veterinary dental radiographs allow us to see the area beneath our patients’ gum line, where up to 75% of tooth structure lies. By taking full mouth radiographs, we can more accurately diagnose very common problems such as abscessed or broken teeth. 

We use digital dental x-rays to best visualize the teeth and surrounding structures.   We know from published studies that up to 50% of abnormalities present in the mouth cannot be properly diagnosed without dental x-rays! Treating only the visible crowns of the teeth may not properly treat areas of bone loss or hidden infections. Without x-rays, many of our patients would suffer in silence with a painful mouth.

Many painful dental conditions may come on gradually and many owners of pets with painful mouths think that their pet is just “getting older,” or is a “little grumpy due to age.”  Because our pets often don’t show obvious pain, x-rays allow us to identify problems much earlier – problems such as periodontal disease, tooth root abscesses, jaw fractures, tumours, etc. - and helps us plan for the appropriate treatment as well as monitoring the success of our treatment.

When these painful conditions are treated the improvement in the pet’s behaviour is often very noticeable.

Our goal is to improve the dental health and comfort of all our patients .. to ensure they live long, healthy pain-free lives.


(Photo courtesy of IM3)