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Macarthur Veterinary Group
Your family pet is in safe hands

Macarthur Vet Mentoring future Generation of Vets & Nurses

Work Experience: Macarthur Veterinary Group runs a comprehensive work experience program that is also part of our community outreach. We value this program, and recognise its importance in preparing the future members of our profession.
If you have an enquiry about doing Work Experience at one of our practices please contact our Nurse Educator or Practice Manager.

High School Students Work Experience Program

We regularly have Year 10 High School students spend 1 week in our practice as part of their work experience school placement. This is organised through school careers officers.

Work experience is an opportunity for you to decide if veterinary practice is a field where you would like to pursue your career; it is also an opportunity to develop and demonstrate your skills and initiative.

If you are a High School student interested in joining our work experience program please talk to your school Careers Advisor.

Veterinary Nurses Work Experience Program

We work with TAFE NSW, specifically offering work experience placement opportunities to students studying Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. These placements are organised as part of the TAFE training program. To become qualified, all veterinary nurses must complete a quota of hours in work placement.

Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia website

TAFE NSW Animal Studies

Vet Students

Macarthur Veterinary Group is highly regarded as a training hospital for vet students to do their required work placements so that they can participate and experience real life veterinary practice. We recognise the importance in mentoring vet students and providing them with supervised opportunities to develop their skills before they graduate. Many of our employed vets have come to know us (and vice versa) through this program.

Sydney University School of Veterinary Science