Macarthur Veterinary Group
Your family pet is in safe hands

Macarthur Veterinary Group
Your family pet is in safe hands

Cat Boarding at Macarthur Veterinary Group

The team at Macarthur Veterinary Group can take the worry out of caring for your cats if you are away from home for any reason.

We now have two catteries to choose from.

At Gregory Hills we offer the height in feline luxury where your cat’s every need is catered for in fully air conditioned, holiday destination-themed cat suites nestled right inside the hospital.  Each suite has a glass door so your cat can watch our nurses as they go about their daily tasks. We know cats love high places, so we have included strategically placed shelves and sleeping platforms so your cat can doze or watch the passing parade from the security of their lofty perch. Some of the suites have external windows to provide additional interest for your cat during their stay.  Rest assured there is no contact possible between the suites and the suites are large enough to accommodate up to three cats from the same family in absolute luxury. 

Our economical garden cattery, which can house up to 12 cats, is situated at our Camden Clinic. Your cats are safe in individual runs that are large enough to accommodate three cats from the same family, if they prefer to be together. Each spacious suite has a raised sleeping platform with enclosed bed and has enough room for jumping, climbing or just basking in the sunlight that filters through the north facing doors. Each suite is completely separate so there is no contact between unfamiliar cats while they are in our care.

During your cat’s stay with us we provide all bedding (which is changed daily) and all our guests are fed a premium Royal Canin diet. If your furry friend has a favourite blanket or basket or even a special diet you want to provide, please feel free to bring them when you deliver your cat to the clinic.

Camden catteryTo ensure the safety of your cat, and all animals in our care, we ask that they are fully vaccinated, wormed and using flea control when they check in (don’t forget to bring your vaccination certificate, if your cat was vaccinated at another veterinary hospital). If your cat is not up to date with his/her vaccination they will need to be vaccinated at least two weeks prior to their holiday. Simply phone the clinic and a member of our team will arrange the necessary appointment for you.

During their stay with us, all cats receive regular checks during the day from our nurses. Each cat receives cuddles and playtime and the nurses record that your cat is eating, drinking etc. Most importantly, if your cat has any medical issues our vets are on site to treat them promptly. If you have to leave them for any time, the safest place for your elderly cat, or one with chronic illness, is in the safe hands of the team at Macarthur Veterinary Group.

We invite you to inspect our facilities, simply call the clinic of your choice to make arrangements for your visit.

Boarding reservations are essential, and for school holidays particularly, we strongly recommend you make your reservations early, as our accommodation is extremely popular, especially at these times.