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Macarthur Vet Vaccinations 5


Vaccinating dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets protects them from potentially fatal diseases.

Macarthur Vet Desexing 6


We can desex dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets at Macarthur Veterinary Group.

Macarthur Vet Cat Boarding 7

Cat Boarding

Macarthur Vet Group runs two catteries in the Campbelltown area.

Macarthur Vet Puppy Preschool 8

Puppy Preschool

Having puppy problems or just want a well-behaved pup? We have the solution!

Latest News

Otitis (Ear Infections)

I have a short-haired exotic cat.  Her coat is quite dense, and we groom her 1-2 times per year.  She is typically an indoor cat but will often go out at least once per day to catch some …

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Heat stroke/exhaustion in pets

We’ve had an interesting summer so far with higher than average temperatures at the end of Spring, and lower than average temperatures through December.  Luckily, we haven’t experienced the …

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Paralysis Ticks

Due to Covid-19 and with the current travel restrictions, it appears that a lot more people are travelling within their own states and territories.  There are so many wonderful coastal spots to …

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