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Macarthur Vet Vaccinations 5


Vaccinating dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets protects them from potentially fatal diseases.

Macarthur Vet Desexing 6


We can desex dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets at Macarthur Veterinary Group.

Macarthur Vet Cat Boarding 7

Cat Boarding

Macarthur Vet Group runs two catteries in the Campbelltown area.

Macarthur Vet Puppy Preschool 8

Puppy Preschool

Having puppy problems or just want a well-behaved pup? We have the solution!

Latest News

Chisel’s Desexing

A few weeks ago, Chisel’s owners decided to desex him now that he is 12 months.  Now if this causes some confusion, back in March this year we wrote a blog about some instances of delayed desexing.  …

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Coronavirus and your pet

Earlier last year, when the Covid-19 pandemic was in its early stages, there was talk about pets and Coronavirus. This topic has come up again, so we thought we would keep everyone at ease as there …

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